We are pleased to announce that in light of current economic circumstances and in a proactive effort to contain costs and pass on savings, we have held our fee levels at 2017 rates and in respect of most categories REDUCED our fees PLUS increased the range of REBATES offered to qualifying clients.

According to independent research commissioned by SARS and the National Treasury, the average number of returns and submissions for a small business per year are:

  • 9 different statutory returns required,
  • Average of 36 submissions per annum.
In addition the average tax compliance and acccounting costs in respect of small businesses are:

  • An average of R7,030 pa to ensure that tax returns for income tax, provisional tax, VAT and employees’ tax are prepared, completed and submitted as required.
  • An average of R36,343 for a range of related services, including accounting services.
As a percentage of turnover, tax compliance costs range between:
  • 2.2% or R6 600 for businesses with a turnover of up to R300,000 a year and
  • 0.1% or R14 000 for businesses with a turnover around R14 million a year.
Tax compliance costs therefore tend to be regressive, especially for businesses with a turnover under R1 million a year.

Accounting Profession
Both formal research by the accounting profession and informal adhoc research under taken periodically amongst colleagues reflects the following averages:
  • Total Individual Income Tax compliance R100 - R1800 pa
  • Total Business Income Tax compliance R3000 - R8000 pa
  • Accounting reviews R6000 to R9000 pa
  • Annual Financial Statements R9000 to R12000 pa
  • Annual SMME Audits R24000 - R60000

Our fees are WELL within these rates and when considering the level of expertise and quality brought to bear on each assignment!