e@syFILE VERSION - 6.6.3 October 2015

SARS have released yet another FIX to their 'award winning' 'easy" software - easyFILE v6.6.3 Carefully designed and extensively tested NOT to WORK while causing maximum frustration!
Critical Issues this time:
Despite SARS having been through this process biannually since 2008, their latest software is still problematic except for all but the simpliest submissions

Latest issues in summary:

  1. Country codes (South Africa - ZA) are required for all address fields yet these dont all pull through correctly, causing validation issues on final e-filing.
  2. If any employees do not have a vlaide tax reference the entire submission fails.
  3. Imports of csv files from 3rd party payrolls appear to pass all the validation tests YET within easyFILE certificates are either dropped or excluded. IT3 certificates appear the most affected. If these ‘missing’ certificates are captured manually easyFILE then duplicate the SDL and UIF, this will explain most variances you get when reconciling. 
  4. The system lack the ability to remove entities no longer represented, and single entity backups and restores are impossible, creating a legacy of defunct entities.

A good Payroll solution that can meet the extensive reporting requirements of SARS and other legislation, has become critical! Self designed spreadsheets just dont cut it any more, and leave you exposed. We offer support and assistance with Pastel Payroll.

Click this link for more information: tax.accounting@mweb.co.za

Important Note:
The SARS Software is NOT a payroll replacement, rather an interface between your Payroll and SARS e-filing.