e@syFILE VERSION -  6.8.3 May 2018

SARS continue to released fixes to their 'award winning' 'easy" software - easyFILE.
Despite SARS having been through this process biannually since 2008, their latest software is still problematic, caution is advised.

Latest issues in summary:

  1. Problems can be system dependent and certain computers and OS seem not to work, SARS appears not to be able to read certain submissions
  2. Deleting invalid IRP5 can be a problem. 
  3. The system lack the ability to remove entities no longer represented, and single entity backups and restores are impossible, creating a legacy of defunct entities.

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Important Note:
The SARS Software is NOT a payroll replacement, rather an interface between your Payroll and SARS e-filing.