We support and use the Pastel suite of accounting and payroll software. As value added accounting forum members we are able to offer a superior service and keen pricing on Pastels product range.

Latest Pastel Partner and Express: Version 18

Please check on current availability.

As accounting records and reports are effectively required to be retained indefinitely, we are converting, testing and archiving accounting history files, 3 years and older, to DVD on the latest Pastel platform/version and returning these to clients for safe keeping. We then only retain the latest 3 years on our system.

All versions prior to V14 are at end-of-life. Pastel has discontinued channel registrations for these versions that have ended life. The new serial number at the end of this membership period, will not unlock any versions older than Version 14 and you will not be able to register Pastel Partner or Xpress Version 14 and older.
Clients who are still using older versions will no longer be able to restore their data to our suite of software. These customers will need to consider upgrading their older versions.

We have been the ONLY accounting practice we know supporting end of life Pastel products [Pastel Partner versions 4, 5, 6, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 & V9, V10 & v18], however considering the substantial cost of this policy and increasing incidence of data corruption we are in the process of phasing this out. Clients are therefore encouraged, through special discount offers, to consider upgrading their accounting software. For clients still on legacy versions, we convert their data to the latest platform and use this for our year end procedures. This does however mean that final backups cannot be returned as the software is not downward compatible.